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Xen Randell is a pen name for all things Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi and PNR. Click on the button to learn more!



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Armida Draghi is a retired Italian carabinieri detective making a living by catching runaway husbands and cheating real estate agents in the historically-rich city of Rome.

Her days of mundane work are about to end when her ex-partner calls her in to assist in a case of especially gruesome murders with inconclusive evidence.

Ari, Paolo and her best friend Ella are sent on a chase to uncover the truth behind the brutal murders, the course of which inevitably brings them to conclusions that none of them were ready to accept.

When they meet a mysterious stranger who seems to command not only the Italian mafia or the city itself, but also the creatures they never knew existed, the world as they know it ceases to exist.  

Follow Ari as she discovers hidden truths of the world and the ones inside of her.

Why did she feel as if she'd already seen the stranger and why have the dreams she kept having her whole life suddenly become a waking reality?

Because nothing is as it seems. Especially Ari herself.

*Creators of Equilibrium is a new Urban Fantasy series. The sequel is "Searing Skies"